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Hi, we’re Jen and Brian Costea, creators and writers behind nosh.bar. We live in Seattle (by way of Los Angeles and Chicago) with our new sweet baby girl, Liliana, and our two adorable fur children, Logan and Sophie.

At the heart of all our special memories together are two constants: great food and great drinks. Whether it’s trying new restaurants, cooking at home or entertaining friends and family, nosh.bar is your inside view into our lives through food.

Be warned—we love Mexican food and margaritas! Rick Bayless catered both the food and drinks for our wedding and it was the most epic part of the entire party despite the amazing backdrop.


Jen Brian
What’s your first food memory with each other? Ah! there are so many. On our first official date Brian arrived to my apartment door with flowers and a bag of groceries and said, “I’m making you dinner tonight!” He kind of stole my heart at that moment, and after I saw his cooking skills, I was full on smitten. Tacos!
What’s your favorite comfort food? Macaroni and cheese. On our first lunch together, Brian asked me this question and after I told him he ordered a side of macaroni and cheese off the menu, and he continued to do this every time we dined out. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every macaroni and cheese in the city of Chicago. Chili
If you can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tacos or anything Mexican. My one meal might be a sandwich though. Bread to meat ration has to be perfect, turkey, cheese, avocado and crunchy lettuce on sourdough bread. Steak nachos
What’s your go-to cocktail? Fresh lime Margarita! or Blanton’s on the rocks with two Luxardo cherries. Spicy Margarita? or Mascal?
What’s your favorite dish that the other person makes? This is a really, really tough question considering Brian cooks so many delicious meals. If I had to chose, I would say his spaghetti and meatballs and grilled cheese are tied. He has little tricks for making both that make each so mouthwatering. Chili
What’s one food or drink that you can’t stand? I have two. Onion and tomato in their raw forms. I always pick tomatoes out of my salads and on my sandwiches. I also eat around raw onion. Just can’t handle them. Steak nachos

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